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How to Make Cheesy Grits: Musings from a Brooklyn Bound C Train

By: Melanie I recently took my first trip to New York City-an obvious hub of culture, history, art and society. My sister in law Diana, who also majored in English at Oregon State, was my traveling companion, and so the … Continue reading

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How to Make Cheddar and Chive Biscuits: Confessions of a Recovering Book Snob

By: Melanie It’s true, of course, that Christy and I write YA and I do love to read in that genre, but I cannot lie: my heart belongs to the classics. From Dickens to Rand, Wilde to Gogol, and Austen … Continue reading

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How to Make Pecan Praline Angel Food Cake: No Dumpster Diving Required

By: Melanie They say everything changes when you have a baby. In some ways, this is true. Since the birth of my twins last year, I’ve discovered a few things. For one, there is no such thing as a “quick … Continue reading

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How to Make Frogmore Stew from A Water is Wide, Part 2

By: Christy Conroy’s book, The Water is Wide is set in Beaufort County, South Carolina, arguably the heart of the Lowcountry. Conroy, in his first year of teaching, take a job on Yamacraw Island (the real Daufuskie Island), one of … Continue reading

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How to Make Sweet Tea, and where to enjoy it-Beaufort SC’s waterfront

By: Christy I just recently finished reading Pat Conroy’s The Water is Wide, a must read for any Lowcountry resident who works in education. It is a story based on Conroy’s experiences teaching on what most consider to be Daufauskie … Continue reading

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