The Perfect Holiday Cocktail: A Clockwork Orange Vodka Fizz

By: Melanie

Hooray! The holidays are upon us once more. Tis the season! The season for indulging.  For chex mix, cheese logs, pecan pies, deviled eggs, and jell-o molds.  (Or not. maybe you’re looking to be sensibly abstemious this go-round. Perhaps you’re hoping to fit in your pants come 2013.) Tis the season for brandy spiked eggnog, rum spiked punch, and peppermint schnapps. (Or not. Maybe you’re Lindsay Lohan. By that I mean, totally and completely sober, of course.) Tis the season for  for large Griswold-esque family gatherings. (Or not. Maybe you prefer to spend the holidays alone. Just you and the cats.) And, of course, tis the season for blowing wads of cash on awesome and totally needed consumer goods. (Or not. Maybe like this Simpson girl, your VCR works just fine.)

Hey, I get it: it’s easy to go overboard during the holidays. It’s easy to eat, drink, and spend too much, despite vowing that this year will be different.

The holiday season provides us an awesome opportunity to either tightly control or splurge our appetites, in all their varied forms. I can think of no better novel to symbolize this struggle than one of my absolute favorites: A Clockwork Orange by the immortal genius, Anthony Burgess.

A Clockwork Orange is a tough read (and no: having seen the movie, as much as I love Kubric’s adaptation, doesn’t count.) If you were able to work through the invented slang in which Burgess writes (a prose which perfectly renders the social pathology of the characters) then you’ll remember this novel is centered on fifteen year old droog, Alex, and is set in a nightmarish vision of the future.  Alex is a murderer, and once caught, he is sentenced to a new experimental method of reform.

It’s true that on the surface, few books may seem less likely paired with the joyful festivities of Thanksgiving and Christmas. However, it thematically represents the thesis of this blog: the dichotomy  of indulgence.  The state attempts to reform Alex from a boy who readily indulges in every pleasure, sin, and crime of the flesh, into a prudent man who feels physical pain at the mere thought of such acts.

As you would expect, A Clockwork Orange raises profound questions about human freedom. Luckily for us we are free to chose as we’d like: Have an extra slice of cake? Splurge on the Kindle Fire? Mix your Orange Vodka Fizz with an extra shot? Indulge or abstain as you wish this holiday season.

Orange Vodka Fizz is favorite holiday drink at the Simpson house. It’s also, by the way, a

Enjoying a vodka fizz last Christmas morning

total misnomer—it’s not fizzy at all, but rather like a smoothie. Regardless, this is the perfect holiday cocktail, one we enjoy in the mornings on Thanksgiving and Christmas day. This recipe can be prepared with or without alcohol.

Orange Vodka Fizz


6 oz frozen orange juice concentrate

6 oz half and half

6 oz vodka

3 oz Galliano


Add all ingredients to a blender. Fill with ice. Mix and serve immedietly.

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1 Response to The Perfect Holiday Cocktail: A Clockwork Orange Vodka Fizz

  1. So glad that I had the chance to sample the fizz prepared by a Simpson, and Melanie, only you would pair Clockwork Orange with Christmas 🙂

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