A Food Revolution: Inspirations from Che Guevara’s Motorcycle Journey

by: Christy

In The Motorcycle Diaries: Notes on a Latin American Journey, Ernest “Che” Guevara travels across South America on a broken-down motorcycle and on foot (after “La Ponderosa” (name of the motorcycle) expresses its last breath). He’s a young medical

The Young Che Guevara

The Young Che Guevara

student in search of adventure, but his quest for adventure soon turns into a journey of self-discovery. Though Guevara’s prose is heart-felt, stoic and intelligent, full of keen observations regarding the “strange” human race, it is the irreverent and hilarious descriptions of some of his comic escapades that show us a side of Guevara that differs from the romantic, political, and controversial figure we remember him to be.

We learn that while Guevara is a shrewd observer of humankind, often he “just wants to have fun” (The Guardian). And, often, that fun is inspired by the hospitality he receives from the people he meets along the way. Throughout the book, eating with others is a symbol of peace, happiness, and community. Guevara values these experiences and relishes the tastes of cultures different from his own.

He writes:

“It was close to nightfall before we left, but not before accepting an invitation to a typical Chilean meal: tripe and another similar dish, all very spicy, washed down with a delicious rough wine” (60).

Did I forget to mention the wine?

During another meal, Guevara quips, “Chilean wine is great and I was drinking it

Che and woman at Village Dance

Che, full of Chilean wine, at the village dance (image from movie)

unbelievable quickly, so much so that by the time we went on to the village dance, I felt ready to take on the world…we kept filling our bellies and our heads with wine” (61).

…Maybe it wasn’t the food alone that provided the inspiration for one of the world’s most famous revolutionaries…

In remembrance of Che Guevara, I thought I would forego the recipe and give you the scoop on where to find some amazing Chilean wine.

Food and Wine Article: What Defines a Great Chilean Wine

This article offers some brief insight into the wine growing regions and varieties of Chile. The author visits several Chilean wineries, both old and new, and tastes varieties ranging from Sauvignon Blancs to Cabernets.

The Wine News: Chile’s Statuesque Reds

This article discusses Chile’s red wines—the wine that one winery owner says will “put Chile on the global map” in winemaking. The author also provides mini-descriptions of wine characteristics and prices.

Cheap Chilean Wine’s for under $20 a bottle

Here’s where you can get the goods on some inexpensive bottles of Chilean wine. This article lists several varieties, and also provides appropriate recipes (with some great food pictures) for each type of wine.

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2 Responses to A Food Revolution: Inspirations from Che Guevara’s Motorcycle Journey

  1. Melanie says:

    Next time I’m at my favorite place, World Market, I’ll be on the hunt for a Chilean red. Hey…did you know World Market gives free samples of coffee and tea??? I stumbled upon it last time I was there and was shocked!! Shocked!

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