How to make Butterbeer and What to be for Halloween

by Christy

It’s that time of year again… time to load up on pumpkins, enjoy the fall color change, and pull out the crock pot for a batch of simmering soup.  Soon, we’ll see ghosts, goblins, witches, superheroes, princesses and more take to the streets for a night of trick or treating. I love Halloween! I love the decorations in the stores, the comfort foods of the fall, and the (finally!) cooler temperatures. There is one issue, however, that has plagued me every year—deciding on the perfect Halloween costume. Every year that I have dressed up, I’ve struggled to come up with the perfect outfit. Should I be scary or funny? Witty or cute? There are so many choices! My favorite in the past was as a groupie for a glam rock band (not sure if I should repeat the band name here) fronted by our husbands (Yes, Melanie was a groupie too). How we didn’t win the group costume contest that year is still beyond me.


Lena as a Chicken: Please Help! What should she be this year?

Although my personal dress-up days are in the past, I have a new dilemma. What should my 16 month old daughter be this year? Unfortunately, last year I didn’t make the decision soon enough and Lena’s aunt and uncle bought her a chicken suit at the last minute (see photo).  Let’s not let Lena be a chicken again this year.  I welcome all suggestions—please give me some ideas in the comments.

And now on to the recipe:  Butter Beer! In honor of the upcoming holiday, I wanted to celebrate by finding a recipe for a special Halloween drink from my favorite (and everyone else’s) wizarding series, the magical world of Harry Potter. Who wouldn’t want to join Hermione when she asks Harry, “”Why don’t we go and have a butterbeer in the Three Broomsticks, it’s a bit cold, isn’t it?

Is there a better way to celebrate the holiday besides a frothy mug of butter beer? I think not.  I was sure that a Harry Potter fan, like me, had already provided a recipe for this delicious beverage (which can be served hot or cold), and it didn’t take me long to narrow the recipes down to my top 3 picks. I haven’t made this yet, but I’ll be sure to let you know what I like best; you can do the same. Enjoy!

Rosmerta’s Recipes—Butter Beer by Melissa

This is possibly the easiest looking recipe on the list. You only need 3 ingredients.

Harry Potter Butterbeer Recipe by NateCooks

This one seemed like the best one to add a little rum to (if you so choose to make it alcoholic).

Butterbeer recipe—Peggy Trowbridge Filippone,

This recipe involves whipped vanilla ice cream! ‘nuff said.


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6 Responses to How to make Butterbeer and What to be for Halloween

  1. Sara Mroczek says:

    Lena’s picture just made my day:) I can only imagine what aunt and uncle bought that for her. I think that each year the aunts and uncles should rotate and surprise you and Lena with her costume.

  2. Bob Honson says:

    Hey Christy,
    Loved the picture! Lena is as cute as could be. But are you sure that’s a chicken? Looks like a duck to me. Haven’t got any good suggestions for this year, but we look forward to the decision… an the pictures.

    • Funny you should say that. The aunt and uncle in question thought it was a duck too, which is why they bought it. We discovered together that it was a chicken by (a) checking the label and (b) seeing it on in person (the beak is short). What made it even funnier is that Lena’s uncle works for a company who makes million dollar machines that cut chicken for all the big chicken companies (Perdue, KFC, Tyson)…so chicken jokes run rampant in our family. ~CM

  3. I still think it’s a shame, Christy, that we don’t still live by each other, because I think the group twilight costume would be so awesome! And seriously, how we didn’t win that costume contest is so beyond me! But getting back to the issue maybe she could be Katniss…she’d look awesome with a bow and arrow.

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