Goat Cheese Toppings: 4 ways to top your creamy spread. Heidi approved.

By: Christy

Today I was reminiscing about one of my favorite childhood books, Heidi, by Johanna Spyri. Heidi is the heartwarming story of a Swiss mountain girl, living an idyllic existence with her grandfather in the mountains, who moves to the city, where comic capers ensue. She returns to the mountain and with her friend Peter, the goat-herder, inspires positive and amazing changes in her community.  Though the language is a bit old-fashioned, Heidi is a children’s classic that continues to inspire.

I have to admit, as a child, what inspired me to read the book was watching Shirley Temple movie version; my sister and I watched it with our grandma who introduced us to all her favorites from Shirley to Judy.

Heidi and Grandfather

Heidi and Grandfather

Here’s a clip from the Christmas scene in the movie. She’s just so darn cute!

In the mountains, Heidi lived off the land and the goat milk and cheese drawn from her animals.   Not by necessity (as with Heidi), but by choice,  goat cheese has become a much loved snack in our house. Garret and I just love the creaminess of a soft goat cheese, drizzled with a simple topping, smeared on a slice of crusty French bread. Below are some sample toppers ranked in order of preference.

  1. Honey. Don’t be shy! Just pour the honey all over the log of cheese. The sweetness of the honey pairs deliciously with the sourness of the cheese.

    Creamy Goat Cheese

    Just cover with a fav topping and serve with bread!

  2. Tomato Sauce. This almost tastes like you’re eating a pizza. Very savory.
  3. caramelized onions. This heavy duty mix is nice topped on crackers.
  4. Rosemary flakes. Not as saucy, but beautiful pairing of flavor.

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