How to make Deviled Eggs: A favorite of Abigail Williams

By: Melanie

Well, it’s mid October and fall has yet to arrive to the South Carolina low country, and I’m just a little bitter about it. Autumn is, without a doubt, my favorite season; it’s a time for pumpkin pie, college football, crisp temperatures, and of course, the start of a new school year! Whenever I see the leaves start to change, I can almost smell the freshly sharpened pencils. While there are a number of “fall” books and short stories that I love, perhaps one of my favorites is Miller’s immortal drama, The Crucible. Its witchy themes are perfect for this time of year.

Brian and I just returned from a trip to New England where fall was in full swing! There were few places I was more excited to visit than Danvers and Salem, Massachusetts.  We all recognize Salem as the setting of The Crucible and the site of the notorious witch trials. It boasts an array of witchcraft paraphernalia and tourist attractions showcasing its famous history. It was a blast to check out, even if it is a bit commercial

Salem is very proud of its "witchy" history

and gimmicky.

However, if you’re really interested in exploring historical sites associated with the witchcraft trials, Danvers is the place to go.  Danvers is actually the site of the former “Salem Village.” There you’ll find a number of familiar grave stones, including those belonging to Rebecca Nurse, John Proctor, and Elizabeth Parris. (Most of those convicted of witchcraft were, of course, not given a gravestone but rather buried in an unmarked area close to the site of hanging.) You can also tour the Putnam House and Nurse Homestead (where Rebecca lived at the time she was accused). Also worth checking out is the Salem Village Parsonage (the focal point of the witchcraft hysteria) and the Witchcraft Victims Memorial which was erected in 1992.

While there are a number of fall-inspired recipes I could share, I’ve decided to save that for my next post. Instead, I’ve opted to include a food that, by name alone, would have been dangerous to prepare in 1692 Salem, Mass: Deviled Eggs.

Deviled Eggs:


6 hard-boiled eggs

3 TBSP mayonnaise

½ tsp ground mustard

Two pinches of salt and pepper


Peel eggs and cut lengthwise. Scoop the yolks into a small bowl.

  Mash up the yolks with a fork and add remaining ingredients.

Spoon the yolk mixture back into the whites.

If desired, sprinkle with Paprika. You can also top with finely chopped green olives or pimientos.

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2 Responses to How to make Deviled Eggs: A favorite of Abigail Williams

  1. Christy says:

    Might I also add that deviled eggs are a great tailgate food.

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