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How to make Italian Herb Bread: A call to action on behalf of neglected bread machines everywhere!

By: Melanie Keith Scribner, in his second novel, Miracle Girl, asks readers to think. To reconsider assumptions about faith, trust, materialism, ethics, and love. While these heavy themes may initially scare-off some readers, he develops his characters with such subtle … Continue reading

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How to Make Vegetarian Baked Ziti: A Recipe inspired by “The Vines”

By: Christy Isn’t it funny how in many books, the characters don’t take the time to eat? This phenomenon is probably most obvious in the thrillers and YA—both have their respective page-turning qualities which add to their heightened realities, but … Continue reading

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How to Make Potato Skins: No characters were harmed in the writing of this blog (only a couple of potatoes)

By: Melanie The members of our book club began to notice a trend: death. Every month a new book, and every month at least one character was killed off, whether by gun-shot, decapitation, or even suffocation by mitten once. Finally, … Continue reading

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How to Make Frogmore Stew from A Water is Wide, Part 2

By: Christy Conroy’s book, The Water is Wide is set in Beaufort County, South Carolina, arguably the heart of the Lowcountry. Conroy, in his first year of teaching, take a job on Yamacraw Island (the real Daufuskie Island), one of … Continue reading

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