Blog battle plan: read, eat, repeat

The idea for this blog came to us while chowing on chips, salsa, and–of course–sipping on margaritas at one of our local favs, La Hacienda (coincidentally, the same site of another creative brainstorm, but more on that later…) We were, as usual, sneaking in a pre-book club discussion of McCann’s Let the Great World Spin. Mouths full of guacamole goodness, we realized: by merging our two passions–books and food–we could dominate the world of blogdom!

So, to get you in the right “spirit,” our debut recipe, the low-cal margarita, is inspired by that monumental day in history (not unlike that unsuspecting day in 1974, the setting of McCann’s novel).

 Low Calorie MargaritaServing: 1


1 part tequila

1 part triple sec

3 parts freshly squeezed lime

A splash of diet 7-up


Mix all ingredients together and pour over ice.

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